Let's create, collaborate, and change the world. 

Using the poetry and stories from Glimpse as inspiration, we create short films, public art, photography and writing, social media campaigns, and music.

We connect on social media @glimpsewdtuck, through the Glimpse mailing list (contact page), and right here! Every month we create a new and unique hashtag to share our work. 

We believe if you have the courage to be yourself, and stand up for what you believe in, you can change the world. 

Just watch, we'll prove it! 


Glimpse March for WOMEN. 

march 2018. 

Throughout March 2018 we are launching a series of videos, public art projects, and events to honor women. We used the poems She's Not Mine, Women, and Warmth, from Glimpse Vol 1 as inspiration! 



Love Rebellion.  Upcoming. 



everyday items series. done.

The first Glimpse public art project we ever launched!