Glimpse is a little book collection with a big heart.

What will you find between its pages?

An intimate journey of hope and connection.

Glimpse takes you through the most personal and profound moments of the author's life. It’s authentic, and because of this openness, readers connect with the books in a very powerful way. Through the pain, love, loss, and joy, Glimpse is a companion to take with you on your own journey.

Told through a unique mix of true stories, poetry, and personal essays, there really isn’t anything else like Glimpse. 

It's unique. It's multifaceted. Just like you. 

Volume 1 is available now. Get your copy and experience it for yourself!

Glimpse (Volume 1)

More than a book collection.

Based on the books, Glimpse has transformed into a creative force. There are Glimpse-based public art installations (Glimpse Everyday Items Series, Glimpse Notes, See Us Beauty Ad), an ongoing video series (A Love LetterShe's Not Mine), photography projects (Glimpse Polaroid Project), and a continuing collaboration among people from all over the world.

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Grand Central. NYC. 2017.

Grand Central. NYC. 2017.

Author WD Tuck

Why I wrote Glimpse. 

Hope and connection. The desire to share them created Glimpse. I grew up a pretty shy and lonely person (still am, at times!) and I didn’t know how to express the tremendous well of feelings I held inside. As I read more, and grew a little older, I realized there were a lot of people out in the world like me. I realized our loneliness, our heartbreak, our pain, our love, and our hope, might not have the same faces, or be happening in the same places, but that doesn't mean we don't share the same feelings. And these feelings are a connection. Glimpse is about that connection. 

I also wrote Glimpse for myself. I wrote the book I wished I’d had as a companion. The book I wished I'd found when I was at my most hurt, most alone, most hopeful, and most full of love. I knew if I shared the most personal and moving experiences of my life, no matter how uncomfortable or vulnerable I might feel, there would be someone reading them that would feel less alone. Thinking of that person gave me the courage to keep going, and to stay vulnerable and real when sharing the experiences you'll find in the books. 

If you see yourself in Glimpse, know that you helped give me the courage to write it. Thank you, for being you. 

All my love,


Glimpse stands for

A more dynamic definition of beauty

Breaking down barriers

Gender equality

Having the courage to be yourself

A community of connection and hope

Daring to Dream



Standing with immigrants (I am one)