Where: NYC

Our mission: To transform everyday items into pieces of hope and connection. 

What is it?: WD took simple everyday items we come into contact with here in New York City, and kept their format, but completely transformed their content. For example, instead of a subway service poster telling you about delays, it contained a poem celebrating what makes New York truly great; the diversity of its people. His hope was that anyone feeling ostracized or marginalized by political divisions would see the project and feel a sense of connection.


Item #1 Subway Service Posters. The first item is something everyone living in New York is familiar with. The dreaded MTA service change posters. Seeing these usually means delays, being late for work, and general annoyance. Based on their original color scheme and design, I created a poster for every lettered train, and instead of listing track work or delays, I shared a poem from Glimpse or an original work. I wanted to share the sense of hope and connection Glimpse is based on.

The subway is where you can see what makes New York, New York; it's dazzling variety of people. It's where, for a short time, people from almost every country in the world sit and share space together. I know there are a lot of people feeling ostracized right now, and I wanted to do something to recognize them, and to show my solidarity in a place we all converge. 

Hopefully, people will approach them with the usual anger and annoyance, only to leave pleasantly surprised, and maybe look around at their fellow New Yorkers with a little more shared pride, and maybe even give a little love to the subway service that gets us to where we need to go in this incredible city. 

Dedicated to the documented/undocumented, to the ones feeling pressure and hatred right now, to the ones who work so hard to make this city run, to our combined histories that meet in this amazing city and blend into something dynamic and great. #Love