Glimpse (Volume 1). 

imagine the most powerful moments of your life. 

When you fell in love, or discovered the courage to be yourself, or overcame loss, or when you decided to stand up for something you believe in.

That’s Glimpse.

Welcome to the start of an incredible journey. 

Glimpse (Volume 1)

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Glimpse in Grand Central Station. NYC.
Author WD Tuck

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a letter from w.d.


I believe when you have the courage to be yourself, you can change the world. That's what Glimpse is really about. It's about having the courage to be who you are and standing up for what you believe in. 

My entire life I've struggled with self-worth. And I felt alone because of it. That's why I wrote Glimpse. I wrote Glimpse to share the book I wished I'd found. A book filled with real experiences of someone discovering the courage to be themselves, and falling in love, and overcoming loss, and finding the courage to stand up again, and again. 

Glimpse is more than a book collection. It's our journey. Those of us who would like to challenge and change the world around us. 

My hope is Glimpse will always remind you, no matter how challenging life gets, or how alone you feel, you can always find your way back to hope and connection between these pages.

 Our dreams shape the world. 

William (W.D.) Tuck