Surprise Project launch

a surprise Glimpse-based public art project is launching later this month in NYC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Vancouver! 

To everyone participating and helping me launch this, THANK YOU! I am so excited to share this with the world.

For people still wanting to participate, get in touch via DM on Instagram or message me on Facebook. 

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Be A Rebel. Dare to Love.

Love is the most glorious act of rebellion.

It's to look defiantly at all the hurt in the world, at all the chances for everything to go terribly wrong, at all the opportunities to stay safe, to not care, or to shy away, it's to stare at all of this, and still choose to leap forward. It's to know your heart might shatter, that you might have to rebuild yourself piece by piece, quite possibly becoming an entirely different person in the process, and still opening up and offering all you have to give. To love someone is a tremendous act of courage. To love yourself is a tremendous act of courage. 

This poem is for you. The rebels. The ones whose hearts have been battered and bruised because you dared offer your magic to the world. To you, the one's walking alone, because you love yourselves and you can't give in just to fit in. To you, the rebels. To your love in all its forms.

May you always have the courage to dust yourselves off, pick yourselves up, and continue to light up the world. 


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International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Every day is International Women's Day. Or should be. We all owe our lives to a woman. We exist because of a woman. And women contain the greatest mysteries and the greatest depths of us all. I'd like to think International Women's Day is a reminder that every day is women's day. 

I wrote Glimpse to honor the women in my life. And I'd like to use this opportunity to share more about the woman who laid the seeds for the best qualities I contain as a human being. My mother. 

I grew up in awe of my mother. Her love for life made the everyday (walks to school, reading a book together, listening to music, going to the grocery store) turn into marvelous adventures. She has an incredible presence, and it enriches everyone who comes into contact with her. I could see it as a young boy, the way people would light up in her company, and seem to suddenly come alive. As if they'd felt for a moment it was okay to be themselves, and to show their best selves. She made my childhood one where imagination and possibility were able to thrive. Through her courage, her grace, and her thoughtfulness, she made sure to carve out a space in the world where her children knew dreams were safe to grow. 

She introduced me to music, painting, and literature, when I was very young. She is a very talented musician, and I grew up hearing her sing, hearing her play the piano, and hearing her strum the guitar. She had french horns and xylophones, maracas and bass guitars, and as a child she would sing and strum her guitar until my brother and I fell asleep. We never had cable. Our home was filled with books, paintings, and instruments. 

My mother instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature. As a child, our walks to the beach, or through the forest, would turn into wondrous seafaring journeys, and exciting woodland expeditions. Standing atop a piece of driftwood, at six or seven years old, and feeling as free as a peaceful pirate surveying the sea in some distant land, was her giving me the gift of imagination. A priceless gift that has continued giving into adulthood, and continued to transform the world around me into a more magical place. A place of possibility. 

Despite enormous personal challenges throughout her life, my mother has remained steadfast in her grace, her thoughtfulness, and her acute sensitivity of the effect we all have on the world around us. Time and time again, I have seen her courage, and her dedication to the responsibility we carry as individuals to move through the world in a way that will benefit those around us. Even when faced with obstacles that would make most turn embittered, or want to spread their suffering, she has lead by shining example, and her courage continues to leave me floored. In adulthood, as I did as a child, I remain in awe of her. 

The world can be a very confusing place growing up. There was a time when I felt like I didn't matter, and like my value was less than the people around me. My mother, despite facing her own great challenges, helped me fight these feelings. She helped me feel like I have a right to exist, a right to feel, a right to be who I am. Through her unique style, her dedication to being herself, and her sharing of the arts, she helped me become the man I am today. 

So to every mother, and to every woman on this day, I write this as a salute to your bravery, as a thank you for your generosity, as an acknowledgement of your power, and as a constantly awestruck witness to your grace. Thank you for birthing the magic that exists in this world. Thank you for being you. 

And to my mother, the love you gifted me opened up the possibilities of the world, and made me feel like my two feet had a place in it all. It's the most priceless of gifts and one I will never squander. 

Love to you all. 


In fields of grassroots. Where roses of all shapes have room to grow.

I released Glimpse myself. 

It’s a personal book and I wanted it to enter the world that way. To be honest. To show its scars. To not be manicured by marketing plans, or target audiences, or glossy ad campaigns. I want Glimpse to find its different homes because the people purchasing it felt stirred by something important within themselves. 

I want Glimpse to be the companion you can count on in the dead of night. In the moments when you are free to be yourself. For moments of truth. For moments of comfort. Comfort that someone else out in the world has felt a similar way, and when simply knowing this can make the feelings a little less foreboding. It's a friend for the journey. Through good and bad, difficult and easy, through heartbreak and love. In the midst of the storm and in the serenity afterwards. Hopefully emerging dog-eared, scrawled in, and shining in all its battle-worn glory.

I am so grateful to those of you who have read Glimpse so far. The reviews from people I have never met, who talk about how the book has moved them, how they have related to it, has reduced me to tears. It is your words that are the reward in creating this work and I am truly grateful. Thank you, Glimpse community. 

Below is a photo I took on the beach outside New York City. It's pixelated, imperfect, but still shows the moon peeking through the night sky. It was moments like this one when Glimpse was formed. It was moments like this one I realized Glimpse would be a meeting of dreamers in the silent night sky. 

Glimpse W.D. Tuck

A Meeting of Dreamers in the Silent Night Sky

Glimpse is an act of love.

Creating this collection has had a profound impact on my life. In starting to write Glimpse, my goal was to do something honest. To truthfully share these experiences of deep loneliness, heartbreak, hope, and love. I felt genuinely uncomfortable writing some of these pieces because they were coming straight from the part of me that makes me, me. My most honest self. 

In life, I think many of us have a hard time being vulnerable. We put all sorts of armor on and create barriers to protect ourselves. I purposefully broke down my own when creating Glimpse, so I could clear a path for the tender. I wanted to create a tiny, safe space in this giant world for anyone who reads Glimpse. A space to feel full. Full of love, hope, heartbreak, loneliness, wonder, or whatever is necessary at the time.

I wrote Glimpse to offer everything I have to give. And to do so without holding back. Our community of readers is small right now, as Glimpse takes its first steps in the world, and I want each of you to know I am so grateful.

Glimpse isn't a group of strangers. It's a meeting of dreamers in the silent night sky.