William at home in Brooklyn.


W.D. (William David) Tuck is a writer, actor, and filmmaker based in New York City.

He believes in the power of sharing personal stories.

William grew up in a small town and was constantly moving between the homes of his mother and father. Not feeling like he fit in, it was in books and movies he found characters he could relate to. In stories he found belonging, and he grew up wanting to share that same sense of excitement and hope with other people.

William followed in the footsteps of many of his favorite writers, and set off on adventures around the globe. He worked a variety of odd jobs to fund his travels, including tile-setter, carpenter’s apprentice, landscaper, gallery worker, short order cook, busboy, painter, and photographer. He traveled throughout Latin America, Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and across Canada and the United States, before finally settling in New York City.

He arrived in NYC with a few dollars in his pocket, a borrowed suitcase full of books, and the dream to share his stories for a living.

William attended The New School University in Manhattan, paying his tuition with writing scholarships and by working as a waiter. He was mentored by incredible faculty in The New School’s gifted undergraduate writing program and regularly contributed to the school’s literary magazines.

A lover of all forms of storytelling, William writes fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and screenplays.