William at home in Brooklyn. 


William David (W.D.) Tuck is a poet, author, and filmmaker based in New York City.

He spent his childhood moving between the homes of his mother and father. His mother, a multi-talented musician, filled their home with books, used instruments, and reprints of classic paintings. Even during the most challenging times of loss, art managed to fill her home with a sense of wonder and possibility. William's father, a dedicated teacher, read every night, and William has been doing his best to emulate the habit ever since. 

The transformative power of reading helped William navigate his childhood. Constantly moving between homes, and not knowing where he belonged, books helped him find his place in the world. He found characters he could relate to, and understood he wasn't alone in what he was feeling. The ability to find a sense of connection through art is what drives his work today. 

William arrived in New York City with a borrowed suitcase full of books and not much else. He attended The New School University on a writing scholarship and was mentored by a host of amazing writers in their gifted undergraduate writing program. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

The goal in William's work is honest expression. He writes to face his fears, share his vulnerabilities, and offer everything he has to give. His work explores human connection, relationships, loss, the nature of beauty, and finding hope through pain. 

He believes when you have the courage to be yourself, you can change the world.